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What is Big Little Footprints?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Ultimately, Big Little Footprints is a community for parents who don't want to stop traveling now they're a mom or dad. Just because we have kids, doesn't mean the adventure has to stop - but let's be honest, it has changed a little.

Now, more than ever we prioritize safety. We're also seeking experiences that we can do as a family that makes everyone happy. At least, we try. And if you're anything like me you want to introduce your kids to new cultures, new foods and new experiences. Not just see the hotel swimming pool, although that can be fun too.

Before having my two little boys, I had traveled the world. A few times over actually. I got to see first hand the impact tourism was having - both good and bad.

What do I mean by this? Well, there's no hiding the fact that tourism can 'change' a destination. Over tourism can push out cultures and communities, impact the natural wildlife and diminish the natural environment.

However, tourism is also the main economic driver for many communities and vital in it's prosperity. Tourism dollars here can help protect cultures, wildlife and the environment.

Did you know, you can still have YOUR dream vacation and help support the latter?

This is where Big Little Footprints steps in. Big adventures, that leave only small footprints behind.

I started to wonder why all of a sudden protecting these amazing locations and experiences became so important to me. Then I realized, it's because I'm now a mom.

Swimming with Manta Rays and sharks, going on safari and seeing white rhinos, diving the Great Barrier reef and hiking thought the forest are all some of my favorite memories. I want my kids and grand kids to enjoy these amazing natural phenomenons too.

That's when I realized Big Little Footprints had a double connotation - big and little footsteps i.e. family travel.

Not only can we support companies that protect these amazing experiences, but by doing so with our kids, we're showing them why it's important to build a better future because they understand what's at risk. That once-in-a-lifetime moment they had with mom and dad growing up.

This might all sound great - but too hard. You just want to have your holiday and not have to think. And I totally agree!

Helping protect these things is really as simple as, and starts with supporting those companies who are doing the hard work (trust me, there are plenty out there). Your tourism dollars help with their initiatives and in return you get your amazing vacation.

Traveling more sustainably, more consciously or even just 'better' (however you want to phrase it) isn't about being perfect. It's about making a small step in the right direction which eventually will lead to big change (and there's the third connotation in the name Big Little Footprints).

That's where we step in. We hope to be your inspiration, offer guidance, advice and assistance in helping your family travel better.

We want to hear from you too - that's why we've set up a forum. Because there's no I in team.

So welcome - we can't wait to get to know you and help make a positive change in the world.



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