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Hi, thanks for dropping by. So, who are we?

We are an adventure loving family of four made up of a TV host, stuntman and two adventurous little boys.

Through our careers and passion for travel we have been fortunate to see the world numerous times over.

While many told us this lifestyle would end with kids, it hasn't. If anything we have an even stronger urge to show our kids the world and teach them how to do it responsibly.

Boy, have our kids seen and done a lot already and we can see the way its shaping them for the better!

We realized if we want these amazing experiences, destinations and cultures to thrive so that our kids can continue to enjoy them too then we need to help protect them.

Fortunately, through our extensive travel we were already seeing and learning the many ways to do this but couldn't believe how foreign these ideas were to others.

That's how the idea of 'Big Little Footprints' was born, with the hope of showing others how to travel better without sacrificing their dream holiday.


'We wanted to prove you could still have big adventures while leaving only little footprints behind. Hence the name, Big Little Footprints which is also a subtle nod to traveling with kids.

Either way we hope to inspire other families to travel and take adventures in a way that will not only bring you closer as a family but also have a positive impact on the world along the way. 

Thanks for being here!

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